Cosmetic Surgeon - Dr. Pericles Lantz MD MMM

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Pericles Lantz, MD MMM

Dr. Pericles Lantz is a native to New York City and comes from a family with a history of notable physicians. Dr. Lantz's uncle, Leonidas Lantzounis, MD, was a prominent Orthopedic Surgeon who was a pioneer in the field of prosthetic limb development. Dr. Lantz's father, John Lantz, MD, was a preeminent Nephrologist and started one of the first outpatient dialysis centers.

Biography & Affiliations

Dr. Pericles Lantz attended the Mt. Sinai School of Medicine where he was exposed to a great variety of patient diseases and treated patients of all socioeconomic backgrounds. After completion of Medical School Dr. Lantz attended the North Shore University Hospital training in Internal Medicine in Manhattan, New York.

Dr. Lantz was then appointed as a Clinical Instructor at the Mt. Sinai Medical Center where he attended the Mt. Sinai Masters Program for Public Health. Dr. Lantz is also a graduate of the University of Southern California Marshall School of Business and has served as Chief Operating Officer of a start-up Medical Device Company.

Because of his interest in technology Dr. Lantz started the Anti-Aging & Laser Medical Associates (AALMA) medical practice to incorporate all aspects of medical care including standard medical practice, ultra-high technology aspects of medical care, as well as the principles of Functional Medicine which incorporates the use of vitamins and herbal extracts along with pharmaceutical medicines to achieve optimal health.

At the Anti-Aging & Laser Medical Associates Medical Practice patients have an opportunity to explore the various anti-aging treatment options that are available to them including advanced blood and saliva testing as well as aesthetic options to achieve a total wellness from the inside out.

Dr. Lantz enjoys outreach programs and giving back to the community and offers laser treatment to burn victims. Dr. Lantz has trained with Dr. Jill Waibel who pioneered treating burn victims with the Lumenis Ultrapulse laser.

Dr. Lantz is a Fellow of The New York Academy of Medicine and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine in the UK. He is also a Fellow and active member of The American Academy of Anti-aging Medicine. Most recently, Dr. Lantz was featured panelist on healthcare in the U.S. at Renaissance Weekend in Santa Monica, CA 2012.